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How to Configure the MediaSpace Content Policy Notification

In this video we will explain how to configure the Content Policy Notification Module via the MediaSpace Admin console

From  Customer Training 3 Months ago 40 views

Media Library Page Review

In this video we will review the Media Library page features.

From  Customer Training 4 Months ago 56 views

REACH V2 Walkthrough Video

A short recording covering REACH workflows: ordering, editing, moderation, and captions/transcript playback. REACH documentation on the Knowledge Center:

From  Customer Training 5 Months ago 133 views

What Are the Differences Between Gallery and Channel

This is a training video describing the differences between a MediaSpace Gallery and Channel. Please note, The UI might be different according to the KMS version. Kindly refer to this presentation…

From  Customer Training A year ago 222 views

How to Set a Dual Screen Player Outside of MediaSpace

This video demonstrates how to Enable Dual Screen Feature for the Player Used Outside of MediaSpace Via the KMC Studio. Created by: Yuri Sitnikov Title: Full Stack Developer

From  Customer Training A year ago 109 views

How to Enable Polls for the Webcasting Application

This video demonstrates "How to add Polls" for the Webcasting Event, where the Polls option is not available in the webcasting application. Created by: Rony Dahan Title: Customer…

From  Customer Training A year ago 31 views

How to Change the Default Player of your MediaSpace Site

This video will demonstrate how to change the default player of your MediaSpace instance Created by: Dana Yarimi Title: Project Manager, Enterprise and Learning

From  Customer Training A year ago 89 views

How to Change MediaSpace Language and Add Support for Multi languages

This is a training video about how to change MediaSpace language and how to make MediaSpace support multi-language Created by: Assaf Berkovitz Title: Director of Technical Services,…

From  Customer Training A year ago 30 views

How to Apply a Custom Metadata Scheme to your MediaSpace

In this video we will demonstrate how to configure a new custom metadata schema in MediaSpace Created by: Matan Friedman Title: Customer Training Developer & Technical Trainer

From  Customer Training A year ago 61 views

Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application

Kaltura Personal Capture is a desktop recording and capture tool for easy creation of videos at home, in the office, on campus, or on the goThis video demonstrates how to get started with the Kaltura…

From  Customer Training A year ago 2,269 views