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How to Set a Dual Screen Player Outside of MediaSpace

This video demonstrates how to Enable Dual Screen Feature for the Player Used Outside of MediaSpace Via the KMC Studio. Created by: Yuri Sitnikov Title: Full Stack Developer

From  Customer Training 9 Months ago 59 views

How to Change the Default Player of your MediaSpace Site

This video will demonstrate how to change the default player of your MediaSpace instance Created by: Dana Yarimi Title: Project Manager, Enterprise and Learning

From  Customer Training 9 Months ago 50 views

How to Add a Kaltura Video as a Bumper in Kaltura Player

This is a training video on how to use a Kaltura entry as a bumper in a Kaltura player Created by: Matan Friedman Title: Customer Training Developer & Technical Trainer

From  Customer Training 11 Months ago 89 views

How to Create and Set a 360 Video

This video demonstrates how to set a 360 player and set the 360 tag to 360 videos. The 'video360' plugin and VR are included in the Kaltura v2 Player, which supports 360° video and VR…

From  Customer Training A year ago 172 views