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Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzing Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of how to create your own interactive video quizzes, including how to make multiple choice questions, yes/no or true/false questions, and pauses for reflection.

From  Customer Training A month ago 89 views

How to Edit REACH Captions

This video will demonstrate how to edit the Reach captions using the Reach Editor. Created by: Rony Dahan Title: Customer Training Developer & Technical Trainer

From  Customer Training 7 Months ago 82 views

How to Create a Live Stream Entry in Legacy KMC

This video will demonstrate how create a basic live stream entry in Legacy KMC. Created by: Tuyen Thieu Title: Solutions Architect, Enterprise and Learning

From  Customer Training 7 Months ago 26 views

Access Control

This video covers the Access Control section of the KMC. The access control provides you the option to restrict your content and secure your content using different methods.

From  Customer Training 10 Months ago 99 views

How to Use the Preview Live Feature of Webcasting

This video demonstrates how to use the Preview live feature of Webcasting. The Preview Live feature allows a live broadcaster to preview the live stream before the actual live event has started, and…

From  Customer Training 11 Months ago 44 views

Uploading Related Files

In this video you will learn how to upload related files to an entry such as a presentation or document.

From  Customer Training A year ago 27 views

Captions & Subtitles

This video looks at uploading multiple subtitles files to the KMC either from your computer or via a web link. Add subtitles to a video player, and embed the player in your website.

From  Customer Training A year ago 92 views

Replacing Entry Content

In this video you will learn to replace existing videos in your KMC account with new content, without losing key metadata, entry ID information and analytics.

From  Customer Training A year ago 38 views

Searching Within the KMC

This video will lead you through everything you need to know about finding content, categories and playlists in the KMC by using a combination of search, filters and custom metadata.

From  Customer Training A year ago 105 views

Creating Rule-Based Playlists

In this video we describe the second playlist option Kaltura provides - a rule-based playlist. This playlist follows specific rules that a KMC user creates. These could be based on video tags, a…

From  Customer Training A year ago 26 views