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Part 4: How to Setup the Extra Tab in the Styling Module?

This video tutorial explores how administrators can apply extra settings to create a new style for your site.This is the final video in the styling module serious.

From  Customer Training 3 Months ago 10 views

What is The New Kaltura eSearch and How to Use It

In this video, we will demonstrate how to better familiarize with the new Kaltura eSearch Engine and get to know how to search for content in the most effective way's.

From  Customer Training 3 Months ago 31 views

Understanding MediaSpace Analytics Reports

In this video we will assist you on better understanding how to use the Entry Analytics via Mediaspce

From  Customer Training 4 Months ago 72 views

How to Publish an Entry using KMS GO

This video will assist on better understanding all publishing options availble using the KMS GO Application.

From  Customer Training 4 Months ago 57 views

How to Subscribe to a Channel

This video will assist you on subscribing to a channel and have the push notifications appear in the application.

From  Customer Training 4 Months ago 64 views

Media Library Page Review

In this video we will review the Media Library page features.

From  Customer Training 5 Months ago 59 views

What Are the Differences Between Gallery and Channel

This is a training video describing the differences between a MediaSpace Gallery and Channel. Please note, The UI might be different according to the KMS version. Kindly refer to this presentation…

From  Customer Training A year ago 241 views

How to Create a MediaSpace Gallery?

This video demonstrates how to create a MediaSpace gallery.Creating a MediaSpace Gallery is done by creating a category via the Kaltura Management Console.Please note that only administrator with a…

From  Customer Training 2 Years ago 440 views