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Part 2: How to Style your Mediaspace Buttons and Background?

This video tutorial explores how administrators can modify the colors of the header, footer, background, and tags in Mediaspace.This is the 2nd video in the styling module serious.

From  Customer Training A month ago 9 views

How to work, configure and operate the Kaltura REACH transcription widget

In this video, I will demonstrate how to work, configure, and operate the Kaltura REACH transcription widget.

From  Customer Training 3 Months ago 38 views

How to use the Categories Tab

In this video, we will demonstrate the capabilities of the Categories Tab and how to use them.

From  Customer Training 6 Months ago 75 views

How to Prevent from the Player to Automatically Update to the Latest Version

This video demonstrates how to prevent the player from being automatically updated to the version by using KMC studio Created by: Yuri Sitnikov Title: Full Stack Developer

From  Customer Training 11 Months ago 22 views

Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application

Kaltura Personal Capture is a desktop recording and capture tool for easy creation of videos at home, in the office, on campus, or on the goThis video demonstrates how to get started with the Kaltura…

From  Customer Training 11 Months ago 1,821 views