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How to Configure the MediaSpace Content Policy Notification

In this video we will explain how to configure the Content Policy Notification Module via the MediaSpace Admin console

From  Rony Dahan 4 Days ago 6 views

How to Subscribe to a Channel

This video will assist you on subscribing to a channel and have the push notifications appear in the application.

From  Customer Training 2 Weeks ago 10 views

How to Design Your MediaSpace Site

Styling your MediaSpace site is an important task, giving the MediaSpace a unique look, catching the users eye and making sure that they’ll return. This video demonstrates how to design your…

From  Customer Training 9 Months ago 162 views

Enabling Kaltura Personal Capture in Kaltura MediaSpace and Kaltura Application Framework

This video demonstrates how to enable Kaltura Personal Capture in MediaSpace and in the Kaltura Application Framework. Kaltura Personal Capture is managed by the MediaSpace and Kaltura Application…

From  Customer Training 10 Months ago 311 views

How to Configure Sorting Arrangement In MediaSpace Galleries and Channels

This video demonstrates how to set the sorting order of videos in Galleries and Channels. Kaltura’s channels and galleries in MediaSpace are sorted according to their time of upload by default…

From  Customer Training A year ago 54 views